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Best Way to Prepare Your Kids for NAPLAN

NAPLAN is one of the most important exams that your child is going to give. Read on to know how you can prepare them in the best possible manner.

NAPLAN is nothing more than just an assessment program by the government to check the literacy and numeracy of school children. However, this assessment says a lot about a child’s potential to succeed outside the school. It is why parents and kids themselves take this test quite seriously.

The biggest mistake that parents and kids often do when trying to prepare for the NAPLAN is put their entire focus on the practice tests. It is true that practice tests are useful for learning the layout and structure of the test, but that’s it. Practice tests are not known to increase any knowledge, which is the primary assessment point of NAPLAN. 

Practice tests are pretty accessible, and you can easily download them from the NAPLAN website. However, it would help if you didn't waste your entire time practising on the practice papers. There is an alternative to NAPLAN preparation, and that method is indeed more effective and less time-consuming.

If you want to prepare your kids for NAPLAN adequately, then ditch the practice papers and start teaching them well from the beginning. Treat each test with full focus. Use the practice papers only for layout understanding. Develop strategies for each test differently as mentioned below:

Writing Preparation

Writing tests require endurance and proper knowledge of the language. You need to teach your kids how to form sentences and correctly structure the texts. Improve their endurance by giving them the writing tasks from the sample papers that can be downloaded from the web.

Reading Preparation

If your kid is weak at reading, then you need to work on them. It is because the reading ability of the kid positively correlates with almost all the tests. If the kid is a good reader, there is a higher chance that they will be able to understand the question more clearly. Reading also helps in the writing tests where kids are required to follow the comprehension and then write the answers.

 Let them read random books to improve their vision and understanding. Also, let them practice a bit from the previous sample reading tests so that they get an idea of what kind of test they can expect.

Conventions of Language Preparation

To prepare for the language conventions test, teach your kids how to use tenses and punctuation correctly. The main focus should be on polishing their grammar skills. Let them practice by writing stories and essays of their choice. After they are done practising, check their work and give them feedback. Good feedback can encourage a kid and also make them more motivated to succeed. It will increase their interest and dedication in preparation.

Numeracy Preparation

There is no better way to prepare for the numeracy test than to do loads of practice. Give your kids different mathematical problems to solve— some of them from the sample tests and some of them from the textbooks. Deep practice will sharpen the kids’ mathematical skills and prepare them to take on the numeracy test.


Although the previous test papers and sample papers are helpful, they should not be the only preparation method. If you use the methods mentioned above, then your kids are much more likely to score a higher band in the NAPLAN.

Disclaimer: Our NAPLAN product is not officially endorsed by the NAPLAN program and is crafted by NotesEdu Team, independently of ACARA. The information provided here in is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute advice, endorsement, or guarantee. NotesEdu is not responsible for any inaccuracies, effectiveness of the strategies mentioned, or any consequences resulting from the use of this information. Your reliance on the information and the results obtained are solely at your own risk.

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