HAST Online Practice Test Prepares Gifted and Talented Students for Accelerated Learning Programs

As a parent, you might suspect that your child has an above average active and inquisitive mind. To find out whether your child should be further tested for inclusion in a program for gifted children and high academic achievers, consider letting them take a Gifted and Talented Practice Test online.

If your child is a top achiever, they should receive every opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge as they progress through the school system. Schools use the HAST (Higher Ability Selection Test) program to rigorously test high achieving students to determine whether they qualify for inclusion in Opportunity Classes and Selective High Schools. You can prepare your child for HAST with a HAST Online Practice Test.

What is HAST and Where Do Students Take the Test?

The HAST program is compiled by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). HAST is designed to single out academically gifted children and is used by schools for various purposes. The test identifies students who would benefit from accelerated learning and enhancement programs such as Opportunity Classes. HAST can also be used to help teachers pinpoint students eligible for extension activities within mainstream classes. At the secondary school level, the test is required for admittance to Selective High Schools and some independent schools.

Children sit for the exam at their school. ACER marks the tests and returns the results to the school, who notify parents of the outcome.

What is the HAST Test?

HAST assesses the academic performance of students in the top range of academic achievers. The test consists of a series of demanding questions around reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and written expression.

Unlike curriculum-based tests that reflect what a student has already learned, HAST measures the future ability and academic potential of a student. To achieve a high score in the test, your child needs the ability to perceive concepts at an abstract level and to synthesise, extrapolate and make inferences from the information provided. Some sections of the test are highly verbal, while others require logical and strategic thinking to solve a problem.

It is not possible to study for HAST in a short period; success requires skills learned over time. By letting your child complete Online HAST Practice Tests, you can help them build skills necessary to achieve a high score in their HAST.

Benefits of the Online HAST Practice Test for Your Child

While the skills required to attain a high score in a HAST test can’t be studied for, it is possible to prepare your child for the exam with the NotesEdu HAST Online Practice Test. More than 1 000 questions across our online tests follow the format of the HAST program and provide the following benefits for your child:

  • Builds confidence around facing multiple-choice questions.
  • Promotes a higher level of reading.
  • Organising ideas and expressing them briefly and to the point.
  • Develops critical thinking.
  • Teaches problem-solving.
  • Evolves reasoning skills.

By building in-depth knowledge of the exam style, your child will gain self-confidence, at the same time advancing fundamental skills. ContactNotesEdu today to find out how we can help to secure your child’s future.