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2022 HAST Test Packs

With over eight years of experience in preparing students for competitive exams, we are Australia's premier practice solution for Higher Ability Selection Tests.


Hundreds of regularly updated questions based on HAST past sample papers.


Detailed solutions are provided to ensure that all concepts are mastered.


Video courses and free resources are available to get ahead of the competition. (Coming Soon)


Advanced analytics help students understand their academic standing and pin-point weaknesses.

Practice. Persistence. Perfection.

What is the HAST Test?

The HAST program is compiled by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). HAST is designed to single out academically gifted children and identifies students who would benefit from accelerated learning and enhancement programs such as Selective High Schools. Some schools use HAST for placement in the High Performing & Gifted Education Program (Enrichment Program).

HAST exam assesses the academic performance of students in the top range of academic achievers. The HAST selective test for Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 consists of a series of demanding questions around reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning and written expression.

How much time left?

2021 HAST is postponed. The new date is yet to be determined.

Please check the school website for further information.

How does
NotesEdu help?

1. An affordable solution for parents looking to equip students with the skills and techniques to succeed in the HAST Test.

2. Increase confidence while doing the ACER style HAST practice tests by providing students with the understanding and layout of the exam.

3. Regularly updated to prepare students for a higher level of reading, problem-solving and abstract reasoning skills.

Affordable Pricing
Choose which year group your child
is desiring entry into:

For Year 8 & 9 Entry

$99Valid for 365 days

  • 13 Exam-Style Tests
  • 5 x Mathematical Reasoning Tests
  • 5 x Reading Comprehension Tests
  • 3 x Abstract Reasoning Tests
  • 365 Days Validity
  • Unlimited Test Attempts
  • Free Vocabulary Book
Get Year 8/9 Premium - $99

For Year 10 & 11 Entry

$99Valid for 365 days

  • 13 Exam-Style Tests
  • 5 x Mathematical Reasoning Tests
  • 5 x Reading Comprehension Tests
  • 3 x Abstract Reasoning Tests
  • 365 Days Validity
  • Unlimited Test Attempts
  • Free Vocabulary Book
Get Year 10/11 Premium - $99

Trusted by Australia's Smartest Students

The questions are pretty hard but thanks to the detailed solutions and regular practice, my daughter built her confidence.
‍‍Selective High School
If I could hug the people who made the
questions, I would!
Maddie N
Selective High School
As a parent, I tried one test and found it very challenging. All parents should try it first before pressuring their child for the selective exam. I respect my child's hard work.
Selective High School Placement
NotesEdu has provided me with special tips and tricks I have not learnt anywhere else. I was then able to answer questions faster and improve my marks.
Quite relevant tests. I wish I could have provided these tests to my son earlier.
‍‍OC Test
My child enjoys doing numeracy questions. His numeracy performance improved from reviewing the questions.
Getting information about the test structure and challenging questions was what we were searching on Google. At last, we found it. Thank you team.
OC Placement Test
My child got top band in NAPLAN. Great questions.
The examination journey plan helped us track our child's test preparation from Opportunity Class Placement to Selective High School.
Selective High School
Very affordable and challenging tests.
Selective High School Placement

Our Features


Increase confidence and speed with our add-ons.

Reading Whiz

Ace the reading test by practicing high quality, vetted passages. Make sure your child is not scared about reading with this add-on.


Valid for 365 days
  • 100 Reading Passages
  • Latest articles from science to Australian news
  • 500 Questions
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2 Writing Tests

Submit writing responses to NotesEdu's stimulus. Verified markers provide insightful feedback and a mark out of 20.


Valid for 365 days
  • 2 Exam-style Writing Stimuli
  • 2 Responses Marked out of 20 by Experienced Teachers
  • Detailed Comments & Suggestions to improve
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Speed Booster

Increase speed in critical and abstract thinking to become competitive in these increasingly difficult exams.


Valid for 365 days
  • 20 Tests
  • 1000 Questions
  • 10 Mental Maths Quizzes
  • 10 Vocabulary Quizzes
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Unique Exam Preparation Process

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Start by taking one of NotesEdu’s perfectly crafted exam-style tests. These tests are under exam conditions and are timed. Use the first attempt of the test to gauge your child's understanding level.

Evaluate Your Results

This is one of the most important aspects of reviewing your success while preparing. Utilise NotesEdu’s detailed answer solutions combined with comprehensive result analysis to pin-point your child's strengths and weaknesses.

Excel Extraordinarily!

Repeat the test with unlimited test attempts to improve your understanding of key concepts. Repeat this process and be on the path to success.

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Other Features

Secure your success today.

Detailed analytics reports including topic-wise analysis, time taken per question and so much more to keep your child ahead of the competition.

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We are an online learning provider. That means our servers run 24/7, ready for any time that your child wants to learn.

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We want your child to succeed. Do the test once or one million times, we believe practice makes perfect.

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  • 31 days validity
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