2021 Selective High School Practice Tests

Selective High Schools offer an extra challenge for academically gifted children. Students who want to enrol in these schools go through a highly competitive exam held every year in March. The selective test consists of four tests: thinking skills, mathematical reasoning, reading and writing. These tests evaluate student’s ability across critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Their performance in these tests reflects a student's suitability to work at a higher academic level that is provided at selective high schools.

Selective Thinking Skills Tests consists of questions from three categories. The first category consists of logical reasoning questions (strengthen/weaken questions, deductions, conditional reasoning, flaw and mistakes, Venn diagrams and more). The second category consists of analytical reasoning questions (ordering and orientation question, probability, algebraic relationship, permutations and combinations and data analysis). The third category consists of spatial reasoning questions (combining shapes, patterns and object views). The Selective Mathematical Reasoning Test consists of questions from three categories: Number/Algebra; Measurement/Geometry; and Statistics/Probability. The Selective Reading Test consists of exam-style questions based on text passages across imaginative (creative), informative and persuasive texts. Selective Writing Test consists of a persuasive or creative writing prompt. NotesEdu practice tests cover all the above areas of testing in depth. Get Selective Premium Today.

NotesEdu’s subscription provides unlimited access to a large bank of multiple-choice questions formatted similar to Cambridge Assessment Sample Papers. With extensive exam style questions across multiple tests, all incorporating the questions-types (Thinking Skills-Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning; Mathematical Reasoning and Reading) combined with detailed solutions a student has everything they need to build an in-depth knowledge of how to ace the test. With NotesEdu you can increase your child’s chances of ensuring a place in a Selective High School.

About Selective

At NotesEdu, we endeavour to provide high achieving and academically gifted students with latest exam-style questions to develop their confidence and bring awareness about the test format and questions types. By enrolling your child in selective high schools, you ensure that they get an enriching, stimulating and enjoyable school experience.

At NotesEdu, we have designed a system that helps talented students review the tests and provide detailed reports with performance and time spent on each questions analytics. It helps your child to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. We offer a vast range of selective high school practice tests and helpful tips to get your child thinking and help them feel confident during the Selective High School placement test process.

New Thinking Skills Tests for Selective

Preparing for these exams can be difficult, which is why NotesEdu offers a range of time-bound selective high school tests which are modelled on the latest 2021 Cambridge Assessment Sample Papers. It provides students with a real test-like environment to help best prepare them for the exams. You can access the NotesEdu FREE Selective sample test that provides you access to new thinking skills, mathematical reasoning, and reading questions. You can access detailed concept explanation and the solutions to the questions at the end of the test.

If you are a parent or teacher who wants to help a student enrol in a selective high school, finding the right resources is an essential part of the preparation process. Understanding the process of the test can significantly assist students when it comes to the real test. Register online today, and you’ll have access to a range of selective school practice tests and solutions to help students practice and strive for excellence.

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New tests for 2021 Released.

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  • Exam Style Questions

  • Tests - 3

  • Mathematical Reasoning Test - 1

    (35 Questions in 40 minutes)

    Data Interpretation, Spatial Awareness

    Measurements, Number Patterns

    Arithmetic, Algebraic, Geometric Operations and more

  • Reading Test - 1

    (30 Questions in 40 minutes)

    Reading comprehension, Word Power, Grammar and more

  • Thinking Skills – 15 Mixed Questions

    (15 Questions in 15 minutes)

    Mixed Questions from Logical Reasoning (Strengthen/Weaken), Analytical (Probability, Order and Orientation) and Spatial (Patterns, Shape Formation and more)

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  • Tests - 25

  • Mathematical Reasoning Tests - 10

    (35 Questions in 40 minutes)

    Data Interpretation, Spatial Awareness

    Measurements, Number Patterns

    Arithmetic, Algebraic, Geometric Operations and more

  • Reading Tests - 10

    (45 Questions in 40 minutes)

    Reading Comprehension, Word Power, Grammar and more

  • Thinking Skills with Targeted Practice

    (Targeted Tests: 15 Questions in 15 minutes), (Full Tests: 40 Questions in 40 minutes)

    Logical Reasoning: Strengthen, Weaken, Flaw/Mistake, Conclusion, Deductions

    Analytical Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning

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I want to thank NotesEdu's test experts for their challenging questions, forcing me to think outside the box. NotesEdu helped me to get placement into James Ruse Agricultural High School. Highly recommended!

B.K. (Parent's Initials for Privacy)
Wonderful portal for kids to practice, learn and improve on their ability. The tests gave my kid confidence to face the exam without the fear. NotesEdu's range of tests helped my child to familiarise themself with varied types of questions.

R.R. (Parent's Initials for Privacy)
As a parent, I tried one test and it was very challenging. All parents should try it first before pressuring their child for the selective exam. I respect my child's hard work and thank the team for helping my daughter to get into Sydney Girls.

M.H. (Parent's Initials for Privacy)
Perfected my time management skills and the concept explanations for each question helped me navigate harder questions on exam day. I got into my first preference and going to Girraween High School next year.

H.S. (Student's Initials for Privacy)

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