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Teachers inspire the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. We inherently value that. Our tests have been designed to supplement your teaching and intended to be used as a tool to make your class or entire school stand out.

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Why teachers choose us?

Practice Anywhere, Anytime.

We are an online learning provider. That means our servers run 24/7, ready for any time that your students want to learn. You can set work in class, and students complete it for homework; or have a live lesson during school time.

Quick, fast support.

Each teacher and school is provided with a dedicated account manager with a direct phone number. Our team is here to make sure learning is smooth - live chat, phone, email and in-person - you have a support team focused on making your class stand out.

Detailed Results

Granular analytics from time taken per question to comparisons between your students' performance, key statistics and for an additional fee - monthly emailed progress reports with key weakness and strengths analysis. We give you all the data you need!

Simple and easy to use online exam platform.

NotesEdu believes that understanding any concept's fundamentals is vital to mastery, and challenging concepts can be approached creatively when basics are learned thoroughly.

Our content experts created a range of online practice tests after analysing the most common mistakes, misconceptions and difficulties students face while preparing for an exam. We make test preparation affordable and convenient for all. Together, we will move forward so that your students achieve the results you and your school desire.

Teachers' Worries. Fixed.

We developed our courses and online tests by incorporating teacher worries about student examination performance and engagement with preparation materials.

Preparation Issues:

1) NAPLAN is going online, how can I help students practise using a keyboard and mouse?
2) I want to spend less time preparing students for exams and need updated study resources.
3) Year 3 students have never undergone multiple-choice questions testing.

Prepare your students faster

Do you notice that:

1) Our students feel stressed due to their fear of failing or fear of getting a lower band.
2) Our students are not excited or demonstrate enthusiasm about the test. They easily get distracted.
3) Students are overly pressured to perform well in tests.

Make exam preparation fun

Do you notice that parents are:

1) Anxious and compare schools on the NAPLAN score.
2) Continually ask  for feedback, performance, marks - we make it easy to share results with parents.
3) Worried about their child's performance compared to fellow pupils.

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Teach smart.
Have more time.

With the introduction of the online format for NAPLAN tests, we recognise the importance of preparing students to use the keyboard, mouse and application effectively. NotesEdu works closely with schools to ensure your students are not disadvantaged on exam-day.

We provide a simulated testing environment to apply gained knowledge at speed. Ensure excellent results in an academic environment through our vast range of questions. Our account managers provide structured support and guidance to teachers so we ensure students are engaged and maximise student performance.

Enhancing your awesome lessons

Questions, detailed solutions and advanced analytics.

NotesEdu seamlessly blends the next generation of assessment into your already amazing lessons and with an online format, your class will be best equipped to excel in standardised exams that are all moving online.
  • 1 hour on-boarding Zoom or Google Meets Call
  • Direct Technical Support Phone Number (everything is Australia-based)
  • Unlimited test attempts
  • Individual student reports: prepare for online NAPLAN and so much more!
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