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What Are the Different Types of Scholarship Tests?

If you want your children to get into private schools, they can take scholarship tests to secure funds. Learn the different types here.

Private schools. They are something that a parent dreams of for their child because they want the best education for their child. 

However, the reality is that to get the best education, parents have to fork over a considerable amount of money. In 2022, parents could pay up to $43,000 for one year of a child's tuition costs. 

With that said, there are ways to reduce the financial burden for these parents. The best way is for their child to take scholarship tests and earn a scholarship. 

How difficult is it for a child to get a scholarship?What subjects are on these scholarship exams? How many different scholarship test types are there? 

This article will discuss the three main test types that you need to know. 


ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) is one of the three main options that your child has when it comes to scholarship tests. ACER offers four separate test formats. The first one is for PrimaryLevel kids and the rest are for Secondary Level kids. 

Primary Level Format 

The Primary Level test is divided into three main sections. Here is how this test generally breaks down. 

  • Reading and Viewing - 30 minutes
  • Mathematics - 30 minutes¬†
  • Written Expression (twice) - 20 minutes each, 40 minutes total¬†

The first section requires students to answer multiple choice questions about the passages and stories they have read. The goal here is to test how well their reading comprehension is. 

Mathematics is also multiple choice with some problem-solving questions included. It mainly tests the four operations(addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). 

Writing simply has students write two responses to prompts that they will be given. 

Secondary Level Format 

The Secondary Level test has different levels available for students. Generally, this is how the format goes for this test. 

  • Written Expression - 25 minutes
  • Humanities Comprehension and Interpretation - 40 minutes
  • Mathematics - 25 minutes¬†
  • Written Expression - 25 minutes¬†

The written expression tests will test the creative writing skills of a child and then how well they can express themselves in writing. 

Then, humanities will give them a multiple choice section to see how well kids can relate to written and visual material. 

Finally, the mathematics section will test a child's skills with math and science mixed together. 

Private Schools 

There are several private schools across the country that support and partner with the ACER tests. A full list of schools conducting ACER tests in 2023 can be found here. 


Another type of test that has a good reputation around Australia is the AAS (Academic Assessment Services). Unlike ACER, there is only one test format conducted by AAS. However, there will be a lot of similar subjects as the above. 

Test Format 

There is one main test format when it comes to the AAS. Here is the breakdown of the sections of this test. 

  • Abstract Reasoning and Problem Solving - 45 minutes
  • Mathematics and Reasoning - 45 minutes
  • Reading Comprehension - 45 minutes
  • Written Expression - 25 minutes¬†

Abstract reasoning and problem-solving require students to answer questions using various types of concepts. This can include spiritual, verbal, mathematical, and figural. 

Mathematics and reasoning focus more on problem-solving skills than specifics that were taught in the average curriculum. This part varies depending on the grade level of the student taking the test. 

Reading comprehension mainly tests the memorisation and analysing skills of a child. They will use these to answer questions based on the written text that they are provided. 

The written expression session allows a child to show off their writing skills and get creative. However, some schools will want children to use this section to write about a particular genre. 

Private Schools 

Like the ACER test, there are plenty of schools acrossAustralia that support and conduct the AAS test. One of the main private schools that are offering a test is Berwick Grammar School. However, that school is already closed for 2023 entry. 

Other schools that have conducted this test in past years include Melbourne Girls Grammar School, St. Catherine's School, St. Margaret'sSchool, and more. 


Like the AAS test, EduTest has one main format for all of its students to take. One important note with this test is a child can only sit for one test here. That means that if you want your child to take the test at more than one school, the results from the child's first test will be shared with the second school. 

Test Format 

The EduTest has five main sections in its test format.The five sections are:

  • Verbal Reasoning - 30 minutes
  • Numerical Reasoning - 30 minutes
  • Reading Comprehension - 30 minutes
  • Mathematics - 30 minutes¬†
  • Written Expression - 15 minutes¬†

The first two sections are ability tests. These are going to test the child's skills in thinking with words and then thinking with numbers. 

The last three sections are the achievement tests. This measures more specific academic achievement in the three areas above. 

Written expressions force a child to express them selves in writing. Mathematics is multiple choice and will test mathematical knowledge. Reading comprehension tests how well kids can understand the meaning of certain passages. 

Private Schools 

EduTest has already begun partnering with several schools across the country that will conduct this test in late 2022 or early 2023. To find out which schools offer this test, check out this list of schools in the link. 

How Much Money Is There inScholarships? 

The truth is, this varies depending on how well a child does in each of these tests. It will rarely be 100% of the tuition and other costs, but it can be a significant chunk. 

The average percentage given out in tuition scholarships ranges from 25-50%. 

Prepare for Scholarship Tests 

These are the main three different types of scholarship tests available for kids across Australia. Passing them can change a child's life ‚Ȇacademically and a family's life financially.¬†

To get the best from your children on these tests, they need to be properly prepared. 

Does your child have enough preparation? If not, check out what we offer in test preparation and other online practice tests.

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