Online Scholarship Practice Test Improves Your Chances of Success

When your child applies for a scholarship to an independent school or would like a bursary for entry into Opportunity Classes for academically gifted children in some public schools, they will need to take a scholarship exam or selection test.

Unlike classroom tests that measure what your child has already learnt, a scholarship test is used to predict a child’s potential for future achievement. While at first the thought of sitting for an exam for which you haven’t studied might seem daunting, a NotesEdu online scholarship practice test will help your child to prepare for the exam.

A scholarship exam comprises of various sections and tests your child’s skill in reading, mathematics, general ability, and writing. Approximately the same amount of time is allowed for each part of the paper, but depending on the type of scholarship, more emphasis may be focused on a specific category. An online scholarship practice test has a similar format and covers the same categories.

By completing an online scholarship practice test, your child will start to understand the requirements of the test. Practice tests will help your child to know the type of questions that will be asked and familiarise them with the format. As your child starts to understand the requirements of the exam, completing the test questions will become a familiar process, and they will be able to work through the questions at a faster pace, to ensure they can complete the exam in time.

Your child might not be able to study the answers to scholarship test questions, but by encouraging them to work through as many online scholarship practice test questions as possible, you will help to build their confidence, giving them the best possible chance of succeeding.

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