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Leadership – You’re not born with it, you create it

There is a substantial difference between management and leadership. Entrepreneurs and experts from around the world agree that while the world has an abundance of managers today, there is an acute shortage of leaders among them.

“The greatest leader is not the one who does the greatest things. It is the one who gets the people to do the greatest things” Ronald Reagan

History teaches us that great leaders have been able to change the past through their efforts. Nelsen Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln are just a few examples. Our books mention them because they achieved greatness through their struggles. They set standards for future generations and have become an inspiration for people of all ages.

While we talk about what these personalities did, there is little debate on how they became great leaders. Most of the incredible people in the world have had humble backgrounds. There were no unique gifts of leadership in some. However, they had the determination and commitment to make a difference. They wanted to leave the world a better place for people to come. Therefore, they did!

Leadership and modern education

Schools and educational institutions today understand that creating leaders in important. Current curriculum, teachings and extra-curricular activities encourage students to develop leadership skills. Schools have houses or teams as well as captains to lead these teams. There are captains for art, music, sports and lot else. Every position tries to create leadership qualities in students.

The qualities of leadership

Here, you may ask; what are some qualities that schools are trying to develop in children? Well, some of them include:

Empathy: Placing yourself in someone else’s place is empathy. It helps us understand the situation of others. Then, we can see why they think in a certain way. It is essential for a leader because they have to know how the feelings of the people around them,

Communication: Schools want students to express what they think. Children should be able to explain ideas to kids younger than themselves. When you can describe an approach to someone younger than you; that is when you have become an excellent communicator.

Responsibility: Students have to take credit for their actions. They should make sure that when they start a task, it is their job to finish it. A leader is responsible for a group of people. This group might be small or large. Leadership means that you understand that every decision you take effects on your team. As a result, taking responsibility for any action, good or bad, is very important.


We want to leave you with a beautiful quote from Alexander, the Great. He said; “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep. I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” A great leader makes this difference. Notesedu offers blogs on a wide range of subjects like team building, debating, public speaking, resilience, communication skills and creativity that can help you develop leadership qualities. Also, we do not think the importance of doing these needs to be stressed further.

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