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How to Choose a Selective High School?

Filling out the application for Selective high school with correct school options is critical. Placements occur from the list of school options given by each student.

We have talked about Selective High Schools and their purpose in detail during previous discussions. These high schools are an initiative of the Department of Education and provide a rare opportunity for students.

The idea is to bring students of equal mental capacities together. It provides a more significant learning experience. It is because students can easily connect. Teachers can also educate students easily because most of them are at the same mental stage. As a result, a selective high school is a dream opportunity for every student.

Application Process

The process for applying to a selective high school begins two years in advance. It means that in case you want to earn a place at the school in Year 7, you have to start applying in Year 5. Important dates are announced every year on the Department of Education’s website. The application process consists of the submission of an online application.

A few documents are required with the application. Details of the process are readily available on the Department of Education’s website.  Once the application process is completed, you receive an invitation to appear in the test.

Choosing a selective high school

Selecting the school, you wish to attend is an essential step in the application process. It is because after clearing the test, placement occurs according to the order in which they are listed. Research completely before selecting the school you wish to attend. Things to consider include:

Travel: Answer question like how far the school is for where you live. How will you make it to school and back every day? Will it be convenient etc.?

Scores: The score for each school are different. Therefore, it would help if you also considered this before applying. To earn a placement, you will have to achieve the score given by that school.

Changes: Any edits in the application are only acceptable for a particular time. It is why it is vital to cross check everything before submission. Make sure your parents also know all the details of the process.

Every student can choose only three schools. In the application, these are in order of preference. It means that if you clear the test for all three schools, you will earn placement in the first school on the list. The system work similarly even when you clear the test for school’s number 2 and 3. This is why the order of school choice is critical.

Preparing for the test

While the process of application needs attention, the preparation for the test requires more of it. Selective high school placement tests are stringent. It is a race against almost 10,000 students. Only around 1800 will win. The winners will be the ones with the best practice. Preparation material for selective high school tests is readily available online. You can ask your parents to help you out with preparations. Having adult help makes things much more manageable.

To conclude we would like to wish you the best of luck if you have or are planning to apply to a selective high school. May the force be with you!

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