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Why Testing Academic Knowledge is Important

What is the reason behind testing academic knowledge? Is it important? Does it have any positive implications for the students, teachers and parents? Find out here.

Instructions are never complete without assessments. In fact, it is always between teaching, testing and repeating the concept. The cycle of imparting knowledge and testing is well-known and experienced by anybody who has ever been a student. Right from the time we enter school, we are subjected to tests about the things we have been taught. But, is testing your academic knowledge necessary? Is it important and does it have benefits for all the concerned parties? Let’s find out.

Why is Testing Academic Knowledge Important?

Testing is a criterion to know if the students have learnt what they have been taught. It also includes being able to tell if the students have understood the specific content and whether or not they can apply their critical thinking skills effectively. They are also necessary to measure the achievements and to gauge the effectiveness of the teaching programs. These tests also determine the progress of the students towards improvement goals and to assess their performance for admissions to an institute of higher education.

The Benefits of Testing Academic Knowledge

1. To Assess the Learning of the Students

The most apparent benefit of testing is to gauge if the students have grasped what they were taught or not. It allows the teacher to analyse the areas that need more work on their part and the areas that the students did well in. These tests also help teachers in discussing the progress of the students at the meetings with their parents. They also provide a roadmap to the parents telling them which areas need to be worked upon to make their children excel in their studies. On the other hand, it also makes the students know where they are lacking, thus allowing them to improve on those areas.

2. It Motivates Performance

One of the most significant benefits of testing academic knowledge is that it instils a sense of healthy competition between the students. It allows the students to indulge in self-evaluation and makes them work hard to do better next time. In a bid to do well than the others, they will be able to work hard and keep their focus on studying.

3. It identifies the Strengths and Weaknesses of Students

When it comes to academics, not everyone is a master in all subjects. Some students love mathematics while others hate it, for some science is the most interesting and the most accessible project, while others fail to grasp even the simplest of the concepts. With the help of assessments, the strengths and weaknesses of the students can be easily measured. It makes it easy for the students, their teachers and the parents to pick the right area of study for them in the long run.

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