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Selective Test Preparation and Managing Your Time

Explore our time management strategies for the Selective High School Placement Test. Our tips are designed to assist in navigating the timed exam, addressing varied question types, and maintaining focus. While practice is beneficial, it doesn't guarantee improved scores. Our guidance aims to foster a more informed and self-assured test-taking approach.

Time Management – During Selective High School Test

The Selective High School Placement test is a timed multiple-choice exam, where time management can be challenging for some students. This exam aims to gauge a test taker's capability to process a fair amount of information within a stipulated time frame. There might be questions that are unfamiliar to the test takers. The exam aims to evaluate how a student can apply varied concepts, shift through irrelevant information to grasp pertinent data, and exhibit attention to detail while tackling intricate, interconnected issues. You may encounter lengthy questions in sections like reading comprehension and thinking skills. It's common for some test takers, especially those new to such testing environments, to make errors due to time constraints and loss of focus.

Every question in this test carries equal marks, and it's strategic to spend only a little bit of time on challenging questions at the expense of easier ones. It's not uncommon for test takers to feel uneasy if they can't find their solution among the provided answer choices. The test-taking strategies offered in this blog aim toassist your child in managing their time effectively during the exam, for instance, advising on when and how to move on from a question and return to it later if needed. The practice tests are designed as a resource to aid in enhancing a student's exam strategy and self-assurance but do not guarantee improved scores.

Test Taker Issue 1:

Spending extra time on a single question can heighten anxiety, affecting your confidence and thought process. This rush may lead to hurried attempts on subsequent questions, increasing the likelihood of careless errors.

NotesEdu Recommended Actions:

Should a question require an extended time to solve (for instance, beyond 90 seconds),considering the elimination technique may be beneficial to make an estimated guess. You may mark the question for revisiting, should time permit towards the end.

It's natural to feel the pace quicken with concern; however, maintaining composure is key.

While engaging with the NotesEdu Trial and Premium Selective & Scholarship test identify the questions that may require more than 90 seconds of your time. This could help in understanding the underlying concept of such questions

It's observed that certain questions may be more challenging and time-consuming than others, such as verbal questions, which might require less time. Initiating your attempt with simpler questions can foster confidence and mentally prepare you to tackle more challenging ones more efficiently.

Though a step-by-step approach to solving questions is conventional, sometimes examining and applying the answer choices directly might expedite the calculation process, potentially saving time.

Relax and breathe

Test Taker Issue 2:

It is tempting to answer each question correctly, even at the expense of time.

NotesEdu Recommended Actions:

You may spend over 60 seconds on a challenging question; balance this by answering other questions more quickly.

It's not mandatory to answer every question correctly; strategic guessing on tougher questions can be a viable approach.

Aim to accurately answer easier or moderate questions to compensate for time spent on more challenging ones.

Selective Test Taker Issue 3:

You continually look at the watch or timer.

NotesEdu Recommended Actions:

Avoid constantly checking a timer or watch as it could momentarily distract you and possibly heighten your anxiety.

Allocate a maximum of 6 minutes for answering five analytical and computational questions.

Allocate a maximum of 5 minutes for answering five thinking skills questions.

Check your timer or watch after 10 minutes to gauge your pace. If you have attempted ten questions by then, you're adhering to the suggested time limit.

While practising, the NotesEdu Premium Selective & Scholarship Test feature can be utilised to monitor the time spent on each question using the lap timer function available on iPhones or online. Upon completing a question, press the split button to record the time. Reviewing the lap times may provide insight into the nature of questions that require more or less time. Logging such information may be beneficial.

If you exceed the time limit, making an educated guess on answers and marking questions for potential review if time allows can be a strategy.

Selective Test Taker Issue 4:

No time left to finish the last five questions, so I have to guess and even left few question blank.

NotesEdu Recommended Actions:

Approach the exam with a strategy in mind. Spend 2-3 seconds to fill a bubble without worrying about neatness.

Utilise elimination techniques and make educated guesses for challenging questions, circling them to revisit if time permits.

Aim to spend less than 20 seconds on simpler questions, and allocate up to 90 seconds for more complex ones.

Engaging in ample simulated test practice can be beneficial for familiarising yourself with the exam format and managing your time effectively. Remember, accuracy is key; answering fewer questions correctly is better than rushing through.


You have specified time limits foreach section:

40 minutes for Mathematical Reasoning (35 questions),
40 minutes for Reading (30 questions), and
40 minutes for Thinking Skills (40 questions).

With less than a minute for each question, time management is crucial, but don't let the ticking clock rush you. Confidence and a clear strategy are your allies in aiming for a satisfactory exam performance.

The information provided herein is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute advice, endorsement, or guarantee of successful admission into selective high schools. The process of admission and individual success may vary widely. NotesEdu is not responsible for any inaccuracies, effectiveness of the strategies mentioned, or any consequences resulting from the use of this information. Your reliance on the information and the results obtained are solely at your own risk

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