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How Do I Prepare for HAST Abstract Reasoning Test?

Exam Preparation: How Do I Prepare for the HAST Abstract Reasoning Test? Are you looking to help your child gain admission into top high schools? Then ace the HAST Abstract Reasoning Test and click here for exam preparation help!

If your son or daughter is about to take the HAST exam, their results can be life-changing!The HAST test will help determine if they should be invited to participate in gifted or accelerated education programs. 

Helping your son or daughter prepare for the HAST exam may seem like a daunting task.Preparation strategies and tips for the abstract reasoning section of the exam will be the focus of this blog. 

Continue to read to learn more about HAST abstract reasoning exam preparation. With unwavering encouragement, your son or daughter can feel confident going into the exam. 

WhatIs the HAST Exam? 

HASTis an acronym for the Higher Ability Selection Test. There are four core sections of the HAST test: mathematical reasoning, reading comprehension, abstract reasoning, and written expression. 

As highlighted above, the central reason why your son or daughter would take theHAST exam is to determine if they would benefit from accelerated education opportunities. These could be gifted programs or even admittance to special schools. 

If your son or daughter performs well on the HAST exam, he or she may be invited to enrol in some of the top academic schools in the country. The HAST exam will allow your child to stand out among his or her peers. 

TheHAST exam is developed and distributed by the Australia Council for Educational Research (ACER). It will be given out from August through September in the 2022 academic year. The exam is given to students in primary and secondary school. 

WhatIs the Abstract Reasoning Section? 

Abstract reasoning is all about logical and creative thinking. The abstract reasoning section of the HAST exam will include questions that deal with shapes, patterns, and images.

The goal of the abstract reasoning section is to test your child's problem-solving abilities. One can think of these questions as logical puzzles. The abstract reasoning component is difficult, but also can be enjoyable due to its uniqueness. 

How to Prepare for the HAST Abstract Reasoning Section

Like preparing for other exam sections, studying for the abstract reasoning component will take dedication, hard work, and a healthy time commitment. The best thing you can do as a parent is to be a partner and supporter in your son or daughter's preparation efforts. 

Below are four key tips and suggestions on how to help your child get ready for theHAST abstract reasoning section. 

1.)Use Practice Materials 

Companies invest a lot of resources in creating practice material for a reason. If used properly, they can make a difference. Practice exams will introduce the format and structure of the section to your son and daughter. 

Additionally, practice materials will show your child what kind of questions to expect. When your son or daughter becomes more familiar with abstract reasoning questions, he or she will develop the skills to answer similar questions on exam day. 

The most important benefit of practice materials is that they build comfort and confidence. You want your son or daughter to feel mentally prepared to tackle the exam. 

One key thing to remember is to not overuse practice materials. Your son or daughter does not need to finish the complete book to be well prepared. Monitor their studying and progress.

Too much studying can be draining and over-stressful. In turn, your son or daughter may become exhausted and perform poorly on the exam. This leads to tip 2. 

2.)Take Care of Yourself

It is imperative that your child gets a good night's sleep and proper nutrition the day before the exam. Encourage your son or daughter to relax the evening before the exam.

There is no need for a last-minute rush of studying. This form of studying is not effective. It will only strain your child's energy when he or she should be saving it for exam day. 

Your son or daughter would benefit from a nutritious and tasty meal the night before and the morning of the exam. There is truth in the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your child will get more mental focus and energy on test day if he or she eats a good breakfast. 

3.)Demonstrate to Your Son or Daughter the Impact of the Exam 

TheHAST exam is not an ordinary standardised test. If your son or daughter performs well, he or she can receive excellent academic opportunities. When helping your child in the studying process, demonstrate to them that succeeding can have great benefits! 

The important thing to remember is to not over-stress your son or daughter. All you can ask of your child is that they do their best. Yes, the exam can increase academic opportunities, but it is only a test.

Let your son or daughter know that as long as they put their best effort forth, you will be proud of them no matter the outcome. This will allow them to put the exam in perspective and be relaxed on exam day. Not only is this beneficial for your son or daughter's mental health, but can result in better scores. 

4.)Find Enjoyable Ways to Study 

With the abstract reasoning section, there are similar types of questions on logic and puzzle apps. This means you can research and find fun apps to download that can make studying almost like a game. 

This is not to replace proper practice material studying. The combination of both however can result in a more confident and happy student. Nothing is better than making studying enjoyable. 

Through the apps, your son and daughter can get exposed to more logical questioning, while realising it is not as scary as it may seem. The uniqueness of the abstract reasoning section invites creative studying methods. This is to your son or daughter's benefit. 

NowIs the Time to Start Studying With Exam Preparation Materials 

TheHAST exam can have a substantial impact on your son or daughter's academic future. Being a partner in the preparation process can not only improve results but can help build your child's confidence. 

Practice exams are a vital element of effective studying. We understand the challenges of studying for the HAST exam. This is exactly why we created comprehensive practice materials that are based on the real exam. 

To learn more about exam preparation and our HAST practice exams, please contact us today. 


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