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How Do I Prepare for the HAST Mathematical Reasoning Test?

The HAST, or Higher Ability Selection Test, will allow your student to be placed in selective schools. How do you prepare for the test?

The Higher Ability Selection Test, known as the HAST, can give your student a better chance of attending high-ranking schools. It combines four crucial parts: math, reading, writing, and abstract reasoning.

The results are used to separate the top of the top.

And, as math can often be such a daunting subject, being prepared especially well for this portion of the test can stand in your students favour. Read on for the best tips on how to tackle the HAST math test.

1. Check Out the HAST Sample Question Booklet

This is truly one of the best practice resources out there. It incorporates a range of questions that can give your child or student that extra competitive edge.

With postage, the booklet costs $31.95, and it truly is worth every penny. You'll get the chance to see a varied body of questions. They may include examiner written questions, or past paper questions.

It's truly an excellent resource to give any HAST students an edge that sets them apart from the rest. You'll also be helping them to build their confidence in their own ability to score highly.

One way or another, you won't be sorry you bought this resource, as it can go a long way in helping your student achieve great success in the HAST.

2. Get Your Head Around Multiple Choice Questions

The math portion of the HAST test features multiple choice questions, generally with four possible answers. For some, this might seem like an ideal situation. After all, you can guess if you just don't know.

But making an effort to find the right answer is important. And it will come more easily to your child or student if they've had the right HAST math test prep.

Multiple choice questions can be tricky, especially if the answers are all similar. That's why practicing them closely can seriously benefit anyone preparing for the HAST mathematical reasoning test.

A great strategy for these questions is to immediately remove answers you know aren't correct. This may not be possible for every question, but it can be seriously useful for the ones that it is.

3. Watch Out for Trick Questions

The test is, of course, designed to test your students critical thinking skills. That is why some trick questions should be prepared for. They won't all take this format, but you don't want your student to be caught out by the ones that do.

There are two ways to combat this issue. Firstly, make sure you read the question carefully. Underlining key words with a pen can help them stand out, so there's less chance of misinterpreting the questions.

A second way to help your student through this is by ensuring they check all the other answer options are wrong. If they don't make sense, or don't fit into the work your student has done, then it's likely that they are not the right answer.

This can make your students exam less stressful, and keep them focused on what the question is really asking.

4. Know Your Algebra

Many of the HAST maths test questions rely on a portion of algebra. If your student has spent some time studying their algebra, they should be more than able to tackle many of the HAST math questions.

One very important area to work on is simultaneous equations. These appear frequently in the HAST maths test, as they are an excellent way to separate the top scoring students.

By allowing them to walk into the HAST with a good knowledge of the workings of algebra, you'll have given your child or student a competitive edge because of their excellent HAST test prep.

Algebra in general will help your student excel both in the HAST mathematical reasoning test and in further maths practice. It is an brilliant subject area to be well versed in before your student moves on to a new level of education.

5. Practice Drawing Mathematical Diagrams

These are another part of the HAST mathematical reasoning test that can catch many students out. Poorly drawn or labelled diagrams can lead to fewer marks being awarded to even the brightest students.

Ensure your student or child takes time to really get their diagrams perfect. Knowing the correct way to label axis, build histograms, and draw bar charts can mean a less stressful exam for your student.

Ensure your student or child is using a ruler where appropriate. This is also a great time to tell them not to worry about mistakes. A well corrected mistake in diagram drawing can still lead to very high marks. So, as long as they handle any accidents well, they'll be fine.

There are many wonderful resources online to help develop math diagram drawing skills. Using any of these will ensure your student gets through this portion of the exam without too many problems.

6. Stop Panicking

Any major life changes, including moving on from a particular school level, usually causes some element of panic. But it doesn't have to, for you or your student!

With the many HAST practice questions and documents available online and as physical copies, your student or child has an excellent chance to do well and get the mark they know they deserve.

Math itself can often cause panic, as people fear it will be difficult. But, with the right test prep, your HAST student will be ready to take on even the toughest questions.

Panic will make any exam much tougher than it needs to be. So ensure your student is doing the work, allow them plenty of rest breaks, and treat them with kindness during this busy time.

They'll walk into the HAST ready to ace it!

You're More Prepared for the HAST Mathematical Reasoning Test Than You Think

This guide on how to prepare for HAST, particularly the mathematical reasoning portion, should hopefully have you feeling much more confident.

If you follow these essential guidelines, your student or child will be well on their way to a successful exam that they have prepared for effectively.

For more information of the HAST and further test practice, why not check out the website here?

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