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Tips for Excelling in Debates

Good debaters are not born; instead they are made. Read on to know how you can become one as well.

Are debaters inspirational for you? Well, did you know that you could be one as well? Here are some of the things you will need to do to be the best at it:

Have Clarity

Do you know what differentiates clueless debaters from the ones who know what they are doing? Well, the latter has a clear idea of whatever they speak about. If you think about it, one cannot stress enough upon the need for clarity in debates. The entire purpose of debate is to convince others of your point of view, right? Well, how do you plan on making that happen if you, yourself, don’t clearly understand where your views stand?

Remember to not be all over the place while debating and have a clear idea of the matter at hand and what you are saying. Your message should be concise and clear, or you will risk losing the attention of your audience otherwise. On top of that, remember that it’s not a bad thing, at all, to pause for a moment and think about what you want to say. Ensure that when you are finally done with ideas, the audience knows what you were trying to say!

Find Comfort in Speaking Extemporaneously

When it comes to debate, the fact that you need to be comfortable with extempore speaking should not come as a surprise. After all, there is, mostly, no time to plan your answers in the ordinary course of communication. Well, the case with debating is similar.

However, the fact remains that speaking on the spot is tough. Let’s face it: even the best of us are unable to articulate perfect answers and pieces of reasoning that can astound everyone there. The practice of effectively using all information at your disposal indeed requires time and patience.

It is essential for you to do your homework and prepare for the topic of the debate in the best possible manner. Moreover, it would help if you considered preparing in advance for the questions that stand at a high probability of being asked. Although you won’t be able to prepare for every possible question, such preparation habits will go a long way towards ensuring that you put your best foot forward.

Control Your Non-Verbal Cues

If we wish for whatever we speak to make an impact, it is essential for our body language to back it up. Regardless of how profound and articulate your words might be, the fact is that they will lose their edge in case your non-verbal cues fail to back them up.

It is the reason why it is essential that you refrain from the uncontrolled movement of the hands, for instance, owing to how they are detrimental to your ultimate cause.

When you take this into perspective, you have to say that public speaking, communication and debating are exercises that can only be perfected by putting in long hours of practice.

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