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Perhaps your child struggled with the first National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) exam in year 3, or maybe you want to help your student get comfortable with the format of standardised testing. Alternatively, perhaps you are a teacher looking for resources to assist with in-class NAPLAN preparation. NotesEdu provides year 5 NAPLAN practice tests to assist with this preparation.

NotesEdu: An Affordable Solution for NAPLAN Preparation

For both parents and teachers, NAPLAN preparation can be demanding. Both in breadth and depth, these tests cover comprehensive material. They flit from reading and writing to mathematical concepts such as algebra and fractions. Students also only take these tests every two years (in grades 3, 5, 7 and 9), which means the concepts and abilities they test aren’t necessarily factors that students have learned or covered recently. As such, preparing for NAPLAN is considerably more complicated than priming for your average unit test.

The other factor is cost. Practice materials and sample tests for standardised tests can be expensive, and teachers or parents don’t always have a lot of money to invest on this front. Teachers, especially, often have their hands tied by school budgetary restraints.

What is the answer then? How can parents and teachers encourage NAPLAN preparation without overwhelming their students with material or spending a lot of money?

At NotesEdu, we have the answer. Our NAPLAN year 5 sample tests are affordable, easy to use and extremely beneficial for students in several ways. Our premium test packages feature 1,210 questions across 30 tests—10 each for language conventions, reading and numeracy. Students can work through these tests an unlimited number of times. Each test is structured like a real NAPLAN exam, complete with time limits and deadlines. The student will get a sense of the format and structure of the NAPLAN tests. He or she will also get a refresher course on the material tested in the exam. In addition to questions that span every area of the exam, our online tests also feature answer explanations for each question, enabling students to learn, re-learn and retain as they go.

The best part? Each premium package only costs $60. If you have a full class of students, you will need to purchase a different set for each child. However, the cost is still low compared to other resources available on the test prep market. We also currently have a free trial offer, which is a package of 12 tests—four each for language conventions, reading and numeracy.

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Year 5 NAPLAN online practice tests can get students ready for the rigours of a standardised exam environment, the challenges of recalling material from the past years of school and the overall experience of NAPLAN. To take advantage of NotesEdu and our affordable, easy to use online test preparation resources, get in touch with our team today.