Prepare Your Child for Their First Standardised Exam, with Grade 3 NAPLAN Practice Tests Online

Australian students are required to sit for National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) exams four times across their primary and secondary education years. These tests occur in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 and consist of multiple sections, including language conventions, reading and numeracy. NAPLAN testing aspects such as spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, algebra and measurement are meant to determine school performance, curricular effectiveness and more.

The Value of a NAPLAN Online Practice Test for Year 3 Students

At NotesEdu, we provide a range of practice tests for NAPLAN, including year 3 NAPLAN sample tests. Over the years, we have heard from parents about how their children respond to NAPLAN exams. Often, even for students who are well-prepared, these exams can be stressful or even confusing. Just because a student knows the material doesn’t necessarily mean they feel ready to sit a standardised exam on that subject.

A certain level of apprehension about NAPLAN exams exists for students of all ages. Some kids never get comfortable taking standardised tests. Admittedly, many adults would cringe at the idea of having to sit for a regulated exam. The pressure of these tests; the restrictive format; the sentiment that the stakes are high: these factors are things that never feel good, for anyone. Perhaps predictably, though, we have found that students in year 3 are often the least at ease about writing their NAPLAN exams.

Students in year 9 are 14 or 15 years old. By that point, pupils know the drill of taking tests. They have gone through a fair number of standardised exams and know what to expect. For younger students, though, that sense of familiarity is not there. Kids in year 3 are typically eight or nine years of age when they write the NAPLAN exam. These students have rarely seen much in the way of exams—let alone standardised tests. This lack of comfort with the process can hurt performance and make kids feel inadequate.

At NotesEdu, we think that familiarity and comfort are fundamental aspects to foster when it comes to these tests. By helping kids understand the format and feel of standardised testing early, we think it’s possible to create better testers and stronger test performance across the board. For this reason, we encourage parents and teachers alike to adopt our year 3 NAPLAN practice tests online. These sample exams are beneficial for giving young students a better sense of what to expect from NAPLAN exams and other regulated testing requirements. Kids can work through the tests, get a sense of the NAPLAN format, familiarise themselves with the deadlines of time-bound tests and even get a refresher for key concepts and curriculum.

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If your child is fretting about sitting for his or her first NAPLAN exam, set them at ease with a grade 3 NAPLAN sample test from NotesEdu. We have both a free trial and several test packages from which you can choose. Contact us directly should you have any questions.