Understanding and Preparing for NAPLAN: How NotesEdu Can Help with Online Practice and Sample Tests for Reading, Writing, Numeracy and Language Conventions

Each May, students across Australia in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sit for standardised NAPLAN tests. NAPLAN, which stands for National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy, is a crucial tool for Australian schools. Schools use data from NAPLAN tests to measure themselves against national standards, and other schools. NAPLAN can help identify gaps in learning that schools can address with curriculum and teaching changes. It can also help identify schools and educational styles that are achieving high-level results. Simply put, NAPLAN is vital to the overall progression of education in Australia.

At NotesEdu, we offer an array of NAPLAN online practice tests geared towards students in different years. These tests are meant to help students prepare for NAPLAN testing before sitting their exams in May. Our sample tests include exams intended to help students practice for the various parts of NAPLAN, including writing, spelling, grammar, reading and numeracy.

Use NotesEdu for Your NAPLAN Online Practice Tests

It’s true that teachers are responsible for preparing students for NAPLAN. However, it’s also true that preparation for tests isn’t all about learning concepts or knowledge. It’s also about understanding the format of tests, from how the examiner poses the questions to how timeframes and deadlines work. Having your student go through a NAPLAN reading practice test (or any other sample test) can help provide familiarity in those areas. Therefore, the official exam won’t feel so alien when the time comes to sit for it.

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Why NAPLAN Practice Tests Are Worth the Time

Across Australia, there is some debate about what can and should be done to prepare students for NAPLAN tests. These tests are more about determining how schools are doing than they are about grading the individual students. Therefore, the argument sometimes goes that students need not go out of their way to prepare for NAPLAN in their own time.

In truth, taking time to prepare for any test is advisable. A student who goes through a NAPLAN language conventions practice test before sitting the actual exam will feel more comfortable and at ease on the day. This relaxed demeanour, in turn, results in better focus and engagement with the test material, therefore leading to better performance and higher scores.

Simply put, standardised testing is a stressful and uncomfortable experience for many students—especially those who have never done it before. In theory, students should become more accustomed to NAPLAN tests (and other standardised tests) as they get older and sit more of these examinations. However, because gaps between exams are often quite lengthy—and because stress is pertinent, regardless of age—many students never become accustomed to standardised testing.

Having your son or daughter go through a NAPLAN numeracy practice test or NAPLAN writing practice test can make all the difference in how he or she feels going into the exam. The relaxation students experience during exams when they are relaxed and prepared is beneficial for their mental health and overall wellbeing. Additionally, preparation can also improve the NAPLAN scores for our schools, which benefits everyone.