Investing in Future Academic Excellence with NAPLAN

NAPLAN is the acronym for The National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy in Australia. NAPLAN is a test of your child's learning skills of which the results are multi-fold.

No parent should take NAPLAN testing for their children lightly. But is it not a test your child can prepare for either. This is because NAPLAN testing is a test on the culmination of skills your children have learned by the educational years of 3, 5, 7, and 9.

There is an effective way forward in helping your child with the NAPLAN test. It is using a helpful tool which does help. One of the most effective tools is the NAPLAN practice test.

We will be going over various steps below on the NAPLAN practice test and other specific tools you can use to assist your child.


The NAPLAN test is unusual because it is not a part of the Australian curriculum. Yet, what your child scores on the test are what teachers use to make decisions about the placement of your child in classes.

There are so many decisions made by teachers and parents based on the results of their child's NAPLAN test. It is essential to understand all its facets which can affect you or your child.

We have dedicated ourselves to doing continual research on NAPLAN. We do this so we can provide help for parents and children when dealing with any facet of NAPLAN.

More to the point, we want to work with you to enable the vision you and your child have about their future, so it becomes a reality.

To do that, we help work through the NAPLAN test one step at a time. For instance, we help provide information, material, and preparation in NAPLAN in;

  • Literacy
    • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
    • Writing - knowledge about and control of written words in the language.
    • Reading - the level of understanding and comprehension.
  • Numeracy
    • Algebra and general numerology
    • Geometry skill sets.
    • Probability and statistical analysis.

Learner's Practice Test

There is learner's practice test available with a variety of levels and source material. Most practice tests consist of video and text lessons, which result in seeing what a child has learned.

We make sure our learner practice tests are fun, exciting and informative. Our practice sessions involve assessing the child's understanding and ability to analyse text. We do this in unison with their critical thinking skills.

We teach our students more than how to take a learner's practice test. We teach them;

  • The benefit of sleeping at least eight hours per evening and maintaining good sleeping habits.
  • The benefit of staying calm and centred when taking the NAPLAN test. It is just another test. It is not life or death.
  • Explain to the child and parent there is no pass or fail in a NAPLAN test. There is only assessing the tasks the child has learned thus far. It continues to be an ongoing process.

Yet, it is beneficial for parents to be a part of the NAPLAN and learner's practice test process. This helps the child and parent keep the door to communication open about NAPLAN questions or concerns.


There are differing opinions on whether NAPLAN is beneficial or a waste of time. Its use is in assessing what children have learned during various educational levels.

There are four consistent schools of thought about NAPLAN. They are;

  • NAPLAN allows researchers and educational policymakers to create the best system-wide policies and reforms. These policies and reforms adapt to the changes required due to NAPLAN results.
  • NAPLAN is a diagnostic teaching instrument.
  • NAPLAN gives parents information, which assists in selecting the best schools for their children.
  • NAPLAN also gives parents a comparison of how their child is doing compared to their peers.

There are also five beneficial facts offered by NAPLAN. They are;

  • Throughout the educational history of Australia, there have been educational gaps. This gap has been between indigenous students and non-indigenous students. NAPLAN allows for measurement of this gap, which helps close it.
  • NAPLAN also measures and assesses any progress gaps between students. The progress gaps between disadvantaged students from students who are not disadvantaged. It is vital to address this difference in helping the educational level improve for all Australian children.
  • In conjunction with the above, NAPLAN gives the government and parents information. The information is on the differences in educational scores among territories and states.
  • NAPLAN also assesses the changes from when the testing first began to where students are now. This helps address any changes which are not growing and developing the way they should.
  • NAPLAN gives parents and the government a clear understanding of the schools which are doing the best. This helps in teaching other schools on how to take steps in achieving the same scores and results.

NAPLAN Practice Test

There is no parent who wants to see their child stress or underperform on NAPLAN testing.

It is very beneficial to have a NAPLAN practice test for your child, so they take the actual test with the confidence of knowing they can do well.

We take the child and the parent step-by-step and test by test through the NAPLAN test process.

Once the child understands the criteria of the NAPLAN test, it is not so scary. Once a child takes a couple of NAPLAN practice tests, they feel their self-confidence growing.

Their test results reflect their confidence and new learning skill. We want every child to feel there is no limit to their future, and improved NAPLAN scores prove it.

How Do I Help My Child with NAPLAN Testing?

You can help your child with NAPLAN testing by starting them with NAPLAN practice sessions.

These practice sessions consist of the NAPLAN practice test at your child's respective school levels.

A child who doesn't feel they can understand the criteria needed in the NAPLAN test will keep failing at it. They second-guess each answer they respond to.

But, we can teach your child the criteria of the NAPLAN test. We can help them discover they have the ability to do so well in the test.

Preparing your child for NAPLAN testing starts them on the road of self-discovery, which can become a love of lifelong learning. Your child benefits from broadening and understanding their learning responsibilities along the way. Which helps prepare them not only for NAPLAN but all their school work and testing.

Let us join with you today on your child's journey of self-discovery. We know how smart they are and all they can learn for the best NAPLAN results possible.

Join today because every day is a good day to start your child's educational journey to success.