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Prepare for HSPT with the Help of a High School Placement Practice Test

Soon after your child starts their final year of primary school, it will be time to decide on a high school. If your child is a high-achieving, academically talented student and would like to attend a Selective High School or an Independent High School, they will be asked to complete a High School Placement Test (HSPT) in March.

One in twelve children in NSW are at selective high schools, but sadly, two out of three children who sit for the HSPT exam do not succeed. If you are considering enrolling your child for an HSPT, we recommend that they take an online High School Placement Practice Test, to determine their level of preparedness well in advance of the exam.

The Selective High School Placement Test comprises of both a writing test and thee sections of multiple choice questions. Students are evaluated on both achievement (what they have already learnt) and ability (potential future performance). The segments of the test include writing, reading comprehension, mathematics, and general ability. A NotesEdu High School Placement Practice Test has the same configuration.

For the highest possible score, a child should perform well in all sections of the test. A High School Placement Practice Test will help parents and children to identify areas where their child needs to improve.

A further advantage of completing an online High School Placement Practice Test is to help students become familiar with multiple choice questions and the pace needed to finish the exam on time. To be comfortable with the test process and format will go a long way to increase your child’s confidence and increase their prospects of success on the day of the exam.

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