5 Ways To Ensure Your Child Aces The OC Test

As a parent or guardian, you know just how important it is to give your child the education they deserve. It's one of the most significant decisions that you'll make for your child. And failing them in this department could lead to a lifetime of regrets.

The parents must ensure that their child receives the best of the best. Because you're already familiar with this responsibility, you're looking into the OC test for your child. The opportunity class test, or OC test, is one of the most important ways you can ensure a bright future for your child.

With so much on the line, you want to do everything you can to help your child prepare for the test, but what all does that entail?

Continue reading below to learn everything there is to know about ensuring your child gets the grade he or she deserves!

1. Know What the OC Test Is

The first thing you need to do is understand what the OC test is. Sure, you know the basics of it, but you need to know every detail of what the test is and why your child is taking it. The opportunity class placement program is offered to students in years 5 and 6.

The children who are given this offer are academically gifted and would benefit from learning with our students. The main goal of these classes is to provide these talented children with an education taken place within an innovative environment. The test is held in June each year, and four students every year are given the opportunity.

Do keep in mind, though, that because only four students a year are given the opportunity to attend these classes, it's quite competitive. This is why you should start preparing your child now.

2. Understand the Format

Now that you understand what the OC test is, you need to understand the format. Understanding the format is one of the best ways to begin helping your child study for it. If you know the format of the test, then you can better help your child understand what to expect.

The exam contains three sections include reading, mathematical reasoning, and thinking skills. The test does not grade your child based on academic knowledge, but rather on his or her abilities.

3. Ensure Strong Academic Fundamentals

Your child will have a much easier time scoring high on the OC test if he or she has strong academic fundamentals.

It is why you and your child must work hard on the previous school years to ensure that he or she is scoring on or above grade level in all academics.

You can look at your child's progress in the previous years to determine how much work he or she will need to be placed in the program. Even if your child has fallen behind in the earlier years, don't give up hope. Use this as a useful reference point and help your child get to where he or she needs to be.

4. Complete Practice Tests

When your child takes the actual exam, he and she will be given a time limit. So, it is better to support your child to complete multiple practice tests.

Your child will need to practice how not only to answer the questions but how to solve them correctly with a time limit. Having him or her complete practice tests is the best way to practice these skills.

This way, by the time the actual test comes, your child will see it as second nature to complete the test under pressure. He or she will also get acquainted with the test structure and the type of questions on the test.

Math anxiety is something that many children struggle with, especially when given a time limit. Because of this, it's ideal to have your child practice mathematics for at least one hour a day.

5. Develop Good Reading Habits

The questions on the OC test consist of a variety of difficulty. Some questions may be tricky, while others are hard to read. When your child comes across questions like these, you want him or her to know precisely how to tackle them.

This is where reading comprehension comes into play. If your child knows how to comprehend what he or she is being asked, then he or she will have a much easier time finding the correct answers. To develop good reading habits, have your child attend a reading program, have him or her read for one hour every day, and sign your child up with a reading tutor.

Help Your Child Prepare for the OC Test Today!

Your child's education is of the utmost importance. This is why helping him or her prepare for the OC test is such a big responsibility. Keep these 5 tips in mind when helping your child prepare and watch them succeed!

Giving your child the opportunity to view and complete a practise test is a fantastic way to prepare them. Sign up today to start practicing now!

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