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Selective High Schools offer an extra challenge for academically gifted children. Students who want to enrol in these schools go through a highly competitive exam that is held every year in March. The tests consist of four sections: Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, General Ability & Writing.

At NotesEdu, we have designed a system that helps talented students assure a pathway into the school of their choice. We provide a huge range of practice tests and helpful tips (including free downloads) to get your child thinking & help them feel confident during the Selective High School placement test. Get ahead of the competition: Join Premium.

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Our Tests

Our Selective Practice Tests are split into three parts - Reading, General Ability & Mathematics. The tests collectively have over 1400 questions and are an essential resource for students to secure a placement


Reading test consists of 45 questions based on six text passages and the student needs to complete the test in 40 minutes. The text passages comprise three broad areas, namely, Imaginative (creative), informative and persuasive texts.

General Ability

General Ability tests consists of 60 questions based on verbal and non-verbal reasoning. The student needs to complete the test in 40 minutes


Mathematics test consists of 40 questions with the varying difficulty level, and the student needs to complete in 40 minutes. The questions are based on number, algebra, measurement, geometry, statistic and probability .

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Selective Practice Tests

These practice tests are very helpful for Selective
High School, Scholarship and ICAS examinations.

About the Selective High School Placement Test

When your child is academically talented and a high achiever, you want to ensure that their education remains stimulating and challenging. If your child enjoyed Opportunity Classes in primary education, or is simply getting bored of their current classwork, a selective high school option might be a good choice.

The exam consists of four parts: Mathematics, Reading, General Ability and Writing. We offer a range of time-bound tests that are modelled on past papers that provide a real test-like environment.

NotesEdu's subscription provides unlimited access to a large bank of multiple-choice questions formatted similar to previous selective exams. With over 1490 questions across thirty-three tests, all incorporating the questions-types and solutions a student needs to build an in-depth knowledge of how to succeed in the test.

About Gifted and Talented Test (ASET)

Placement in Western Australia Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective program is done through ASET that is managed by the Western Australia Education Department. A student can choose a fully selective school or gifted and talented selective academic program or online placements.

The test comprises of reading comprehension (35 questions in 30 minutes), writing (25 minutes), quantitative (Mathematics & Science35 questions in 30 minutes) and logical(35 questions in 20 minutes) reasoning. To achieve success in ASET join NotesEdu Selective Tests.


The scholarship exam is conducted cooperatively by few schools or individually by some schools to award a scholarship to a student in private independent schools. The exam consists of four parts: Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes), Numerical Reasoning (30 minutes), Reading comprehension (30 minutes), Mathematics (30 minutes) and Writing (15 minutes-creative, descriptive, narrative, persuasive, expository or informative.


Some schools participate in ICAS tests conducted by Educational Assessment Australia (EAA). NotesEdu online tests provide a testing experience to the student that helps them to achieve a higher score in ICAS tests.

How we can help

NotesEdu provides around 1500 questions across thirty online exams. These tests are designed to prepare your child for a higher level of reading, problem-solving and reasoning skills. These tests not only build an in-depth knowledge of the exam format but also build the fundamental skills that are necessary for the selective high school entrance test.

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