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All students deserve the opportunity to go to Selective Schools. Securing a place in Selective School has become increasingly competitive. There are more students, and a larger percentage of them want to ensure a place in the Selective School of their choice. Approximately, 14000 students take the Selective School exam in NSW and less than one fourth have a chance to secure a place.

That's why we work with students, parents and educators to prepare students with the specialized skills, support, and provide resources they need to succeed in Selective Schools. Early preparation and decision of choosing a Selective School makes the admission process easier for students and parents. It helps the students to improve their test-taking skills and significantly improve their score in the Selective School entrance exam.

Academic Excellence is a Choice – Not a Coincidence. We are a leader in helping students achieve their academic goals through our online test-preparation for Selective School entrance tests. All your basic concept's, lessons, quizzes, and practice tests are online, ready to use whenever you want. You have an opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained under realistic testing conditions. You can learn at your own pace and convenient time.

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